DR Inc. of the U.S.

Construction Business Opportunity for Licensed Contractors and Entrepreneurs

Many people put little faith into anything they find on the Internet.  Many opportunities are found to be a scam.  We can assure you this is the real thing…and we put our money where our mouth is by supplying you with information that you can easily verify for yourself, by yourself, without our interference. We will never "hound" you. We do not want you to send us money and we do not need your personal or business financial information. The only requirement is that you are in, or want to be in, the construction industry.

We are actively looking for licensees anywhere there are wet basements and crawl spaces (everywhere!).  We have about 40 licensed distributors, primarily in the Eastern United States.  But we would like to have more distributors in the Northeast, Midwest and West.  Our sights are set on eventually all North America and beyond as we have the exclusive rights to our proprietary product worldwide.  If you are interested in a protected licensed territory as a licensee, contact us to check on available territories covering the areas where you live and work.
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